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We are an innovative fintech company dedicated to aiding individuals in financial distress to escape their debt burdens. In India, defaulting on loan repayments often results in relentless pursuit by recovery agents, making life miserable despite Supreme Court judgments against coercive tactics in recovery.

While debt settlement is a common practice in developed economies like the USA and Europe, it is not frequently utilized in India. Unfortunately, there is often little support for consumers facing circumstances beyond their control, such as job losses or medical emergencies, preventing them from repaying their loans.

Loansettlement.com is steered by experienced entrepreneurs who are alumni of IIT, IIM and MIT USA. They bring more than 30 years of entrepreneurial experience in varied domains – consulting, online education and global careers management.

Our Story

We are India's leading debt relief and settlement company working for consumers who need help in getting out of debt trap. While there are thousands of recovery agents working on behalf of banks, there is hardly any one on the side of the consumers. We are providing the balancing force!

Values & Philosophy

Our focus is on saving you money while getting you out of the debt trap. We make every step of the process as transparent as possible, because we want every client to feel confident in their partnership with us.

Honors & Awards

Our promoters are alumni of IIT, IIM and MIT USA and have been featured on CNBC program Young Turks as well as several magazines and news media. They have also received the prestigious Red Herring Top 100 Asia Award.

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